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When we first began thinking of the renovations to our Victorian home there were many unknowns. We did not know the extent of the lead based paint on the walls and woodwork, whether the doors and windows were in the condition to be repaired and the state of the old plumbing.   

To get a better handle on what work was involved we contacted RPL Construction LLC which we had heard had been involved in other historic restoration projects. We met with Robert Livigni, the Principal of the firm, and began to outline the scope of work. 

Through testing, we discovered there was extensive lead paint on both walls and molding and also that the windows were in such poor condition that they could not be repaired at a reasonable cost. Based on these findings, we developed a plan which called for the removal of the walls and all existing molding, doors and windows. This also permitted the insulation of space which previously had no insulation and the introduction of a central air conditioning system. 

We discussed revising the layout of the existing bathroom and Mr. Livigni came up with a plan which created a much more spacious and open layout for the bath.  We were able to re-surface the existing cast iron clawed tub and were shown quality marble materials at amazingly discounted product prices. With this research and development having been completed, we developed a budget and construction schedule.  Work proceeded along the timeline which Mr. Livigni developed and even with glitches in terms of re-framing, which were unexpected at the time the schedule was developed, the project was completed on time and on budget.   

Mr. Livigni’s design and construction expertise were invaluable in locating quality materials within the budget which perfectly matched the Victorian restoration which we sought. We cannot more highly recommend a firm for restoration and construction than RPL Construction.

Thomas Heagney
Heagney, Lennon & Slane, LLP
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Greenwich,  CT 06830
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"Bob Livigni and his team did a superb job converting our oil boiler to a
gas boiler.  They were exceptional in the three key areas of hiring a
contractor: cost, service and craftsmanship.  We would highly recommend RPL
to all of our friends and family. Thanks for everything"

Todd Blosser
Greenwich CT
Westchester, NY